This is the perfect combination to surprise your missionary this Halloween if he/she loves chocolate!

Yes! We will deliver the chocolate in the Jack O Lantern.

Chocolate Jack O Lantern

  • You can choose if you want to include the Jack O Lantern or not. 


    1 Reese's Nut Bar

    1 M&M Chocolate

    1 Hershey's Dark Chocoalte Bar

    1 Hershey's Cookies & Cream Bar

    1 Hershey's Almond Bar

    2 Snickers

    1 Kinder Delice

    Twix 3-pack

    Kit-Kat 3-pack

    1 Peanut M&M's

    1 Dove Chocolate

    Reese's Cups 2-pack

    1 Crunch

    1 Hershey's Bites Cookies & Creme

    2 Snickers, Milky Way, & Musketeers Mini