Protection for your missionary! While most of the work missionaries are doing in Mexico is done from their apartments or local chapels, they keep going to supermarkets, baptismal services, interviews, and other activities outside.


Each biomsk® mask contains the nanomolecule NBELYAX® The active ingredient Nbelyax® of only 2 Nanometers is the most advanced antimicrobial system in the world. It is a nanobiomolecule designed to penetrate pathogenic microorganisms and thus destroy their DNA. It acts as a biocatalyst programmed to eliminate all types of pathogenic microorganisms that, unlike common disinfectants and antiseptics, do not harm the user in any way. As there is no transfer of genetic information, it does not allow it to generate resistance. The result is a great achievement in the advancement of medical science worldwide.

BIOMSK Reusable Nanomolecule Face Mask

    • Contains NBELYAX® nanomolecule. Studies have shown its effectiveness in removing viral and bacterial materials on contact.
    • The softest and most comfortable mask on the market. Protective shield up to 10 days.
    • Made with soft advanced fabric.
    • 99% effective in removing DNA from pathogens.
    • Care Instructions: Wash only by hand with water, WITHOUT soap or detergent to avoid damaging the functioning of the Nanoparticle, do not squeeze, do not tumble dry.
    • Approved by Cofepris, INER and FDA