In case you missed it, Dr. Pepper released a brand new limited-edition flavor on May 1. It's called Dr. Pepper Dark Berry, and it's a bit different than the soda you're used to. If you haven't tried the new flavor yet, you're probably asking yourself, "What does Dr. Pepper Dark Berry taste like, anyway?" Let me put it this way: If you like berries, then you'll probably enjoy it.

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry features fruity flavors like black cherry, black currant, and blackberry, according to the brand's official factsheet about the drink. However, the Dark Berry selection also features the OG Dr. Pepper flavors that customers know and love — so don't worry about losing its classic taste.

Dr. Pepper Dark Berry (600 ml)

  • Dark Berry (Limited Time Edition)

    Bottles, 600 ml

    6-pack or 12-pack

    Shipping to all missions in Mexico

    FREE next day delivery to Mexico MTC

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