If you want to send a delicious posion to your missionary this is the best combination you will find.

The best candies and the best chocolates combined inside the halloween pot!

Yes! We will deliver the candies inside the pot!!!

Halloween Pot

Include the Pot?
  • You can choose if you want to include the Pot or not. 


    Tutsi Pop

    Reese's Cups 2-pack

    Twix 3-pack

    Takis Fuego

    Kit-Kat 3-pack

    Orange Tic-Tac



    Sweetart Ropes

    M&M's Classic

    Peanut M&M's

    2 Fruit by the Foot

    2 Sour Patch Kids

    Original Skittles

    Hershey's Dark Chocolate

    Reese's Nut Bar


    3 Mini Nerds

    1 Sour Glow Worms


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