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​Like every year, we are preparing surprises for the missionaries who will not receive anything from home this season and we invite you to participate in this initiative through a donation and a message!

Especially the Latin American missionaries are the ones who do not receive messages and gifts from home due to the difficult economic circumstances of their families.

We will prepare packages with different items and treats that will be delivered to mission offices and the Mexico MTC so they can give those gifts to the missionaries.

Your donation will help add as many items as possible to each package so that every missionary receives something on this day.

Each package will be worth at least $50.

These Christmas packages will be delivered to different missions, including the Mexico MTC, some days before their Christmas conferences.

Remember to add a note of encouragement in your donation! These notes will be added in the boxes!


PriceFrom $5.00
  • We will prepare packages with treats and items for missionaries.
  • The packages will be delivered to the mission office and  MTC post office and they will give these packages to the missionaries.
  • The packages will contained items for elders and sisters.

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