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Q: PayPal shows my home address as the shipping address, what should I do?

A: Don't worry, if you selected the destination at the shopping cart we will send the package to the mission you chose. If you can't see the destination on the items of your PayPal receip, send us an email to

​Q: Will my missionary pay taxes when his package arrives?

A: No, missionaries pay taxes when they receive a package from another country. We are based in Mexcio City, so we send the package from the same country to avoid those custom taxes.


Q: How many days will take my package to arrive to its destination?


Next Day: Mexico MTC (With the exception of fresh baked products)

Second Day: Mexico City Missions

3-5 Business Days: Other missions in Mexico


Q: I want to send a different combination of products in my package, is that possible?

A: Yes, it is possible. Just go to the Special Request form and tell us what products you want to add to your package. You will receive an email with the cost, and if you are agree you will receive a PayPal payment request via email. 


Q: What missions you are currently delivering?

A: ALL missions in Mexico, including Mexico MTC



Thank you for shopping with us!
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