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This service was created to support missionaries in training at the Mexico MTC. We started sending 15- 20 letters each day, now we are sending UP TO 200 letters each day! Many missionaries have been blessed for those words of encouragement that they receive each day from their parents, siblings, grandparents, friends or members of their wards.


With more than 500 missionaries in training, we had some troubles to send all letters the next day, that's why we decided to hire more people and invest in more materials to keep our letter service available and working as wonderful as always.


Some missionary parents have volunteered to donate, which has been really appreciated, now we are opening the possibility to donate directly from our website, so that you can contribute to keep our service working.


Any donation is appreciated, no matter the amount.


Keep sending letters, keep sending love.


Your friends of Missionary Package.


PriceFrom $1.00

-Your donation will help us to maintain our service free.

-You can choose the amount to donate.

-It is not a requirement.


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