COVID-19 Response
We opened a new delivery option in response to COVID-19, now you will see in our list a "Personalized Delivery".  By choosing this option you will be able to specify an address where you want us to deliver your package. You can send the package directly to your missionary's house, or to any other member in the ward that can receive and deliver the package quickly to your missionary. We recommend that you ask for addresses to which we could send packages in the event of quarantine in Mexico.
Thanks for your donations to maintain our operations during this challenging time.
  • Add the missionary's full name starting  with the prefix Elder or Sister, then the last name, and finally the name(s). Add a note in the same box if desired.

  • Click on "Checkout with PayPal" to select a destination for your package and pay. (Don't worry if PayPal ask for a shipping address, we don't use this information, you can use your home address to fill this requirement).


  • FREE next day delivery (Monday-Friday) in all orders to Mexico MTC.  FREE shipping over $70 to all missions in Mexico.


  • Your package will be delivered to the mission office or to the Mexico MTC post office. You'll receive a delivery confirmation to your email once the package is delivered.

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